About Us

Hey! We are Societees, vintage inspired t-shirt creators, classic movie addicts, TV shows enthusiasts, all-night gamers, American Icon lovers & Rock & Rollers. We create t-shirts that put a smile on your face and pulls at the heart strings as the wave of nostalgia rolls over you.

Everyone belongs to a Societee of like-minded people – whether you love nerding out to old Bruce Lee flicks or rocking the air-guitar to AC/DC or reciting every line to Scarface. We are friends with people who love what we love and enjoy doing what we do. These shirts are not just shirts, they are a badge of honor or a conversation-starter or even a uniform in your Societee…. because everyone belongs somewhere

Societees is all-inclusive to all types, shapes and sizes, we offer awesome vintage-inspired t shirts created with passion in Miami, printed with love in Alabama and shipped everywhere in a huge range of sizes (up to 6XL). These are high quality new t-shirts that are created specifically to have the look and feel of a vintage tee, we are proud to bring retro memories to life for every Societee.