The Official Societee Naughty List 2022

Santas naughty list

Hey Santa, I know you have an open mind, but these guys need to be on your permanent Naughty list. Not that they care, just don’t even give them coal, they will only use it for evil. Please find the SocieTees official Naughty list below 1. Billy the Puppet/John “Jigsaw” Kramer This guy is the…

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The Official Societee Nice List 2022

Santas nice list

Hey Santa, Listen up, I don’t wanna do your job for you, but you have overlooked some really important peeps for your permanent Nice list. Please find the SocieTees official nice list below and get them on it 1. Rocky Balboa The ultimate feel-good, underdog-victory, all-American sports movie! I don’t know about you but when…

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