New Years 2022

2022 Year in Review in T-Shirts

What happened this year? Here is my yearly highlights in T-Shirts, my unofficial 2022 Year in Review T-Shirts

January 2022

Georgia beats Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Indianapolis. It feels like a long time ago, first national championship for the Bulldogs since 1980. Most of our T-shirts are produced in Alabama, so regular customers will notice that January’s batch of shirts smelled a bit of sour grapes 😀


February 2022

Russia invades Ukraine back in February, this isn’t gonna be a very political list but this invasion needs a mention. My T-Shirt choice may appear racist, but it’s funny because Dolph Lundgren is Swedish – he also loses. Twice

March 2022

In the words of Dave Chappelle What did the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAP!
Obviously the petty slap-fight between 2 full-grown men at the Oscars ceremony is the global event that the world will remember from March 2022. If you lived under a rock this year Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the face with no special FX! This classic Redd Foxx Tee explains to people about how a slap works, just in case they don’t know

April 2022

After 2 years hiatus due to some virus or something, the Coachella festival returns, so we can all listen to people who pretend to like music telling us about how life-transforming this pop music festival is. Headlined by British artist Hairy Stylus & Billie Irish or something to 750k people (that’s a lot). Look, I’m not gonna be that guy that says that real rock festivals were better back in the old days – but check out this Woodstock tee and see how epic it all used to be


May 2022

Top Gun: Maverick FINALLY released, I’m not saying I have been waiting for this movie for 36 years, but not saying I wasn’t. Tom Cruise as Mav again? They said it would be released in 2020, so I finally get to see it … and it didn’t disappoint


June 2022

Johnny Depp wins case over Amber Heard. The jury awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million dollars in punitive damages. I will say no more about this case I don’t wish to be sued. All I will say is that Money Talks


July 2022

So I picked my month carefully, May 2022, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler checked himself into rehab (after over 10 years of sobriety) – the band were forced to postpone their Vegas residency. BUT, great news, in July he left rehab and is ready to rock again. I guess he Drew the Line over that era in his life (too soon?)


August 2022

After postponing repeatedly, the Stadium Tour finally blew the roof off of 2022 – featuring 36 full stadiums across North America. Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett owned the summer of 2022, May thru September to be precise. So, why August, you ask. Well, the stadium tour rocked SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA and maybe someone special was in attendance 😀


September 2022

Rock fan Queen Elizabeth passes on to the Concert in the sky. Sad Times

October 2022

Elon Musk buys twitter and FIRES everyone – If you want to know who started the fire, it was him.

November 2022

The football World Cup began in Qatar, to those unfamiliar, I mean soccer. It’s actually a truly global affair which is what makes it so interesting, unlike the baseball World Series, which is the USA and Canada. If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to show off my new Pink Floyd tee with the world flags.


December 2022

Everyone and their cousin It was watching the Netflix Addams family spin-off Wednesday, which broke streaming records in December ‘22. That modern twist on vintage horror is my kinda vibe, which is why this old-school Dracula tee with Christopher Lee from 1958 is my t-shirt for December.

So that concludes my review of the Year 2022 in T-Shirts – do you agree with any/all/none of them? Lemme know here


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