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What was Journey’s Best Selling Album?

Journey’s Greatest Hits Album…. Obviously

Journey - Greatest Hits Album

Kind of a trick question actually, Journey are world-renowned for their classic rock anthems, so if you put them all on one album, well then you are on to a winner!

Journey’s Greatest Hits is a compilation album originally released in 1988 by Columbia Records – it was a record-breaking album. This album is the band’s best-selling career disc, spending 554 weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart – this is more than any other compilation album in history, except for Bob Marley’s Legend disc. In fact, because of the digital nature of music nowadays, it is still logging time in the charts, reaching 1,000 weeks on Billboard’s Catalog albums chart by 2014.

Did you know…

It continues to be one of the most popular ‘best of’ albums of all time, even now selling close to 500,000 copies globally per year. The album has been reissued several times and was digitally remastered for compact disc by Legacy Recordings, issued on August 1, 2006, with a bonus track. Not to confuse you, but a second Journey compilation album, Greatest Hits 2, was released in 2011.

As of December 2008, it was reported that Journey’s Greatest Hits was sixth highest certified ‘greatest hits’ package in the United States according to the RIAA, behind only similar collections by the Eagles, Billy Joel, Elton John, and The Beatles’ red and blue compilations.

Whats on the album?

Side One
1. “Only the Young” from the album Quest soundtrack (1985)
2. “Don’t Stop Believin'” from the album Escape (1981)
3. “Wheel in the Sky” from the album Infinity (1978)
4. “Faithfully” from the album Frontiers (1983)
5. “I’ll Be Alright Without You” from the album Raised on Radio (1986)
6. “Any Way You Want It” from the album Departure (1980)
7. “Ask the Lonely” from the album Two of a Kind soundtrack (1983)

Side Two
8. “Who’s Crying Now?” from the album Escape
9. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” from the album Frontiers
10. “Lights”from the album Infinity
11. “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” from the album Evolution (1979)
12. “Open Arms” from the album Heavy Metal soundtrack (1981) / Escape
13. “Girl Can’t Help It” from the album Raised on Radio 
14. “Send Her My Love” from the album Frontiers
15. “Be Good to Yourself” from the album Raised on Radio 

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