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A Sunny Place for Shady people

A HATE Letter to Miami

Sam’s TeeMail, July 21st 2023


Well that’s it, final straw, I’m definitely leaving Miami! Ever hear the saying “Miami is a sunny place for shady people”… yea well it’s true! This really is a hate letter to Miami.

I don’t know why I expect the best from people, they just continue to disappoint. It’s sad that people act dishonest and shady when they have the choice not to. So I informed my landlord that I wasn’t going to renew the lease at the elevated price and he informed me that he is keeping most of my deposit to repaint the place. I checked, this is completely illegal. So he is basically informing me that he will be committing a crime so petty that it’s hard to fight it!

He is teaching me that there is no point to be an exceptional tenant – pay on time, do minor repairs myself, keep it spotlessly clean – because you will get screwed in the end regardless!

I always overlooked Miami’s shady underbelly as just part of the territory but now I’m pissed

Stay cooler than me


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