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It can’t have been rigged surely 🧒

It’s her, she’s the problem

Sam’s TeeMail Weds January 31st 2024

Well I have no dog in the fight (the superbowl I mean). I had a beer with a good buddy of mine from Maryland yesterday. He’s super bitter about the AFL game on Sunday. As a former Ravens season-ticket holder I’m gonna take what he says with a pinch of salt. So why exactly did the ravens lose? The game can’t have been rigged surely…

Obviously, because of Taylor Swift. How so? You may ask. well apparently, everyone is so desperate for Taytay to reach her first Super Bowl that the referees were calling everything in the Chiefs favor. Bah! Yes, it’s her, she’s the problem. Lol. Of all the awesome excuses I’ve ever heard, this one has to be the best rigged game conspiracy theory.

Do any of you have any thoughts on the above?

Stay warm 🥶


P.S Journey are back




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Bon Jovi Skull Biker T-Shirt

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