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Life in Boxes

Life looks weird from this perspective

Sam’s TeeMail Thursday, August 3rd 2023

Have you ever seen your life in boxes ? It’s a VERY weird feeling, one that I haven’t felt seen my college years i think

Aside from furniture and big pieces to see the rest of your stuff in little shipping boxes is a strange vibe, firstly that I don’t actually have that much stuff. Secondly that a lot of it I can probably live without!

Not sure if this is a shared feeling, another weird thing with moving in a rush is that I am frantically putting everything in boxes and thinking “I’ll just throw that one out when I move!”

See you on the other side



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Tequila Sunset 🥃

By Sam | February 26, 2024

Drinkin n Dancin Sam’s TeeMail Saturday February 17th 2024 This weekend is Tampa’s famous Gasparilla festival and I’m heading to a buddy’s apartment in Ybor City for a Tequila tasting! 🥃 Am I totally uncultured ? But I have legit never heard of tequila tasting… drinking yes; shooting yes; but hey, I am open to learning new drinking techniques. If any…

Pop Sensations Revisited

By Sam | February 25, 2024

The Ageless Appeal of NSYNC Well, it’s about time someone brought up NSYNC. I’ll have you know, those fellas left a mark that’s still as visible as the graphic on my favorite, old-school tees. They weren’t just some fleeting pop sensation, no siree, they were the real deal. Timberlake and his crew innovated pop music…

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What would you wear?

By Sam | February 24, 2024

What to wear?! Sam’s TeeMail Saturday February 24th 2024 The good thing about dabblin in t-shirts is that I can pick what I want 😂. So what do I wear for bike week? I kinda like THIS one because it’s new (yes I know it says 1989). Not sure tho, could go with a classic Motley Crue or Iron Maiden. I’m…