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Recovery after Overtime

Taytay for the overtime win

Sam’s TeeMail Tuesday, February 13th 2024

Yea so Sunday night went into overtime, for everyone! Dunno why the Super bowl is a Sunday, just so I can nurse a champion hangover into the work week! But what an Overtime Win!

It was a great game in the end. The wife turned to me after and said “we may as well have just watched the overtime as that’s all that mattered”. i don’t know how to respond.

We had a great watch party, with great wings 🍗, great drinks, great laughs and a later night than planned. I even lost my voice doing my best Travis Kelce Elvis impression

YEsterday was a write-off, I will be better today I promise!


P.S Journey are back




Sailing through Laughter

By Sam | February 27, 2024

“Sailing through Laughter: The Unstoppable Charm of Hagar the Horrible”Remember that time when we kids would curl up with the Sunday comics, our imagination sailing away on the high seas, clad in the old, comfy tee? That was pure, raw, and unadulterated entertainment, unlike what we get today. One comic that had me hooked was…

Pop Sensations Revisited

By Sam | February 25, 2024

The Ageless Appeal of NSYNC Well, it’s about time someone brought up NSYNC. I’ll have you know, those fellas left a mark that’s still as visible as the graphic on my favorite, old-school tees. They weren’t just some fleeting pop sensation, no siree, they were the real deal. Timberlake and his crew innovated pop music…

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Tequila Sunset 🥃

By Sam | February 26, 2024

Drinkin n Dancin Sam’s TeeMail Saturday February 17th 2024 This weekend is Tampa’s famous Gasparilla festival and I’m heading to a buddy’s apartment in Ybor City for a Tequila tasting! 🥃 Am I totally uncultured ? But I have legit never heard of tequila tasting… drinking yes; shooting yes; but hey, I am open to learning new drinking techniques. If any…