Def Leppard On Through the Night USA Tour 1980 Men's T Shirt

What’s on your driving soundtrack? 🛻

Truckin Through the Night

Sam’s TeeMail May 16th 2023

Guess who went on a road trip adventure today? That’s right, yours truly! I hopped into my Queensie (the name of my Mazda) and hit the road, heading towards Sarasota in search of potential new places to call home. This morning, I drove west early today towards the Gulf looking at places to live if Miami don’t want me no more! Warming up with my driving soundtrack as I hit the road.

So I may have driven faster than I should’ve but who doesn’t these days. I don’t know bout you, but I need driving anthems when I’m on the a road. Music to get me in gear, keep me awake and motivate me to get there… and mentally race the other cars! (sshhhhh 🤫). So yea I have a driving soundtrack for when I’m on a road-trip

I like music that not everyone loves, so on my soundtrack is So Hello America from Def Leppard’s On Through the Night album lemme ask you – what is on your soundtrack?

Speaking of music, I’m curious now—what’s on your road trip soundtrack? Are you a classic rock enthusiast like me, or do you prefer some other genre to accompany your adventures on the open road? Now, if you’re wondering how I’m feeling during this whole drive, let me show you. This T-shirt right here (picture attached) perfectly captures the essence of my road trip experience. Just imagine those wing mirrors reflecting the sunrise, the hum of trucks on the road, and that unexplainable feeling of freedom as I journey into the unknown. It’s a vibe that not everyone will get, but those who do, they’re the ones who know the thrill of the open road.

As I wrap up this little update, I want to remind you, my friend, to stay safe out there on your own adventures. Whether you’re behind the wheel or on foot, life is all about the journey, not just the destination. So turn up the music, take in the scenery, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Keep rockin’ and rollin’ 🤘🛻



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