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Why is it always Texas?

There’s always 1 state….

Sam’s TeeMail Wednesday October 25th 2023


Today I gotta talk about Texas! And not because the Rangers got to the World Series. Can someone tell me why does Texas gotta be different about stuff?

So in the news is that Texas Gov Abbot wants to build a wall on the border to… New Mexico (as well as Old Mexico I geuss)! I genuinely need to know why this is happening?

Are New Mexicans sneaking over the border and stealing stuff? Are we gonna need to use passports to get into Texas? WAIT… is the first step towards Texan Independence?!

What is Happening?

Keep it real




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Tequila Sunset 🥃

By Sam | February 26, 2024

Drinkin n Dancin Sam’s TeeMail Saturday February 17th 2024 This weekend is Tampa’s famous Gasparilla festival and I’m heading to a buddy’s apartment in Ybor City for a Tequila tasting! 🥃 Am I totally uncultured ? But I have legit never heard of tequila tasting… drinking yes; shooting yes; but hey, I am open to learning new drinking techniques. If any…

Pop Sensations Revisited

By Sam | February 25, 2024

The Ageless Appeal of NSYNC Well, it’s about time someone brought up NSYNC. I’ll have you know, those fellas left a mark that’s still as visible as the graphic on my favorite, old-school tees. They weren’t just some fleeting pop sensation, no siree, they were the real deal. Timberlake and his crew innovated pop music…

Bon Jovi Skull Biker T-Shirt

What would you wear?

By Sam | February 24, 2024

What to wear?! Sam’s TeeMail Saturday February 24th 2024 The good thing about dabblin in t-shirts is that I can pick what I want 😂. So what do I wear for bike week? I kinda like THIS one because it’s new (yes I know it says 1989). Not sure tho, could go with a classic Motley Crue or Iron Maiden. I’m…