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T-Shirts for Your Valentine to Give them a Message

T-Shirts Aren’t Romantic but They Can Send a Message

We know that the romantics among you don’t wanna receive t-shirts for Valentines Day but you can send a message with one. When you have been together for a while and know what they love and their humor, a t-shirt could send the right hint. What would you like to say but can’t say out loud? Would it look better in print?

We compiled the Love Societee with t-shirts to give your lover to give them a (not-so-subtle) message, so yea a t-shirt for Valentines can occasionally be appropriate!


The Hopeless Romantic

And IIIIIIIII….. Will Always Love Yooouuuuuuuuuu…. I better you are singing along too. Whitney’s legendary gospel sound never sounded better than belting out a love song. The hopeless romantics among you LOVED The Bodyguard, and bought the soundtrack on CD. If Whitney Houston is the soundtrack to your relationship then this graphic t-shirt is for you.

Shop Whitney


The Commitment Phobe

So your lover is being a punk and avoiding committing to the big day? Bring on the Billy Idol and tell them that today is A Nice Day for A White Wedding. If they didn’t know that you want to get hitched before, then this is literally the biggest sign that you are ready! Whether you are always the bridesmaid or a wedding crasher, you can rock this vintage-style punk tee to raise eyebrows

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The Heartbreaker

Everyone knows that someone you just can’t tie down – that King of Hearts. Well this retro-cool Popeye graphic tee will tell them what you think, or it could just play to their Heartbreaking ego. Either way, it’s a damn-cool shirt! For all those that think they are too tough for love.

Shop Popeye


The Lonely Loner

For all those who sat in the their room listening to Courtney Love’s Hole while they obsessed about their unrequited love from afar. Look, you’re not a stalker but all the poems, letters and gifts are a bit much. This Love Spell may have the recipe you need to get them to fall for you, finally, you were in front of them all along and now you have this shirt to capture their attention!

Shop Hole


That Nerdy Kinda Love

Everyone knows a Brian Johnson (the Brain from Breakfast Club), that shy nerdy kid that has an edge to them. You know that eventually they will grow into their personality but for right now they are letting their geek flag fly! As the shirt says Nerds Need Love Too – and you know they’ll be loyal!

Shop Breakfast Club


It’s (Always) Complicated

About a dozen Bon Jovi shirts could make this list, but this is just an awesome graphic tee! This is for those who keep running back for more torture – addicted to the wrong lover, but can’t stop! Everyone has had a taste of the Bad Medicine and wanted more – can you resist?

Shop Bon Jovi


The Conspicuous One

You know the type, the person who REALLY wants to talk about their latest sexual conquest. Maybe they’re a playa, maybe a bit slutty – but they are, for sure, a talker! Even if you don’t wanna listen, they will tell you and they leave signs to prompt the conversation. So before you ask them “is that a Love Bite?”  It is… and you are about to find out in great detail from whom, when and where. 

Shop Def Leppard


The Accidental Heartthrob

Again, as you read my definition, you know exactly who among your friends I’m talking about. They are good-looking but no supermodel, they are confident without being cocky. Tall, dark, handsome, they are 2 outta 3. Yet they ALWAYS get the attention of the other sex. They don’t mean to be a multi-dater, they just can’t help it and they don’t brag either! 

Shop Twilight




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