Santas naughty list

The Official SocieTees Naughty List 2023

Hey Santa, I know you have an open mind, but these guys need to be on your permanent Naughty list. Not that they care, just don’t even give them coal, they will only use it for evil. Please find the official SocieTees Naughty list below

1. Billy the Puppet/John “Jigsaw” Kramer

billy the puppet saw

This guy is the worst, firstly John “Jigsaw” Kramer is a serial killer,  which is immediate naughty list territory. Then he uses Billy the Puppet to communicate, putting a bunch of people in a sick game and watching them all suffer – I mean how many hooks does this guy need! Then he spawns a bunch of copycats, not cool! You’re on Santa’s naughty list now and forever.

Naughtiest Billy Tee?


2. Edward Cullen

Edward cullen

Edward is on the perma-naughty list firstly because he’s a vampire and vampires suck (literally and figuratively). But also he’s a manipulative SoB and ruin’s Bella’s life. I’m not saying I watched Twilight (lol) and I’m not saying I’m #TeamJacob – just sayin that Ed needs to get his ass on that Naughty step asap.

Naughtiest Edward Tee?

3. Skeletor


Until we Meet Again! Skeletor goes on this list for this stoopid meme! The self-titled overlord of evil is, of course, the arch-nemesis of the all time childhood hero – He-Man. And how could you be so evil to try to kill your own family? (google it) Santa definitely doesn’t like this skull-faced villain and nor do we – on the naughty list… until we meet again

Naughtiest Skeletor Tee?


4. Tony Montana


Say Good Night to the Bad Guy! Tony Montana even calls himself the bad guy! So he’s a murdering, drug-dealing, money-laundering, fake-accenting, angry gangster – these are all permanent naughty list attributes. He even called Santa a chazzer – that’s a pig that don’t fly straight no more. Nuff Said

Naughtiest Scarface Tee?

5. Ming the Merciless

ming the merciless

It’s all in the name! Ming is Merciless, and that moustache/goatee/eyebrow combo DEFINITELY puts him on the naughty list. Who kills their own son and daughter and then blames it on the good guy?? He thinks we are all pathetic earthlings while he is Chillin like a Villain in Mongo

Naughtiest Ming the Merciless Tee?


6. Buffalo Bill

buffalo bill

“It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

Put “it rubs” in Google, you will get the above quote. The all-time creepiest villain of movie-land, Buffalo Bill still gives me nightmares. Who the F*** wants to wear women’s skin?! Serial killers are perma-naughty list, wearing other peoples skin, putting moths in mouths and generally just being a twisted freak sentences him to the naughty list for a very very long time. Santa wants to keep his skin, so he’s donezo!

Naughtiest Buffalo Bill Tee?

7. Leatherface


A relative newcomer in the world of The Societees, Leatherface is the originator of gore-porn horror. If you’ve never seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original from 1974 shocked the world, and you need to see why. A little more literal than Buffalo Bill above, but Leatherface is 10x more brutal and ruthless, he doesn’t play with his food – this cannibal just eats, a lot. Perma-naughty list for him ASAP.

Naughtiest Leatherface Tee?


8. Ivan Drago



Captain Ivan Vasilyevich Drago is the Russian champion from Rocky IV he is responsible for the death of Apollo Creed after brutally defeating him in their match – and Rocky Balboa‘s main opponent. I personally just don’t like Drago, but for cold-heartedly orphaning Adonis Creed he must be on the naughty list.

Naughtiest Ivan Drago Tee?



I’m open to adding more to the naughty list – LMK

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