Santas nice list

The Official Societees Nice List 2023

Hey Santa, Listen up, I don’t wanna do your job for you, but you have overlooked some really important peeps for your permanent Nice list. Please find the official SocieTees Nice List below and get them on it.

1. Rocky Balboa

rocky balboa

The ultimate feel-good, underdog-victory, all-American sports movie! I don’t know about you but when I need some motivation and confidence, Rocky is my guy – no joke, I put on “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor loud and GET S**T DONE! Tell me you haven’t done that, and if you haven’t I suggest you do! His ability to overcome so many physical and psychological obstacles and inspiring me and millions of others simply by running up some stairs to music is astounding!

Also, he beat down a Russian in the 80’s, so that’s worth a mention today more than ever and so he deserves a spot on the permanent nice list.

Nicest Rocky Tee?


2. Ron Burgundy

ron burgandy

News Anchorman Ron Burgundy is a pure legend… he’s not self-aware, he’s not the best, he’s not the brightest, he is the one that your mom says “…but he means well!”

You know who I mean, that friend that, try as he might, just thinks he’s doing better than he actually is…. “bless him”! So he deserves a break and a place on the nice list

He’s a local-legend in his hometown, San Diego which was obviously discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means “a whale’s vagina”.

ALSO Ron Burgundy is played by Will Ferrell (of Old School fame) who played Elf – who actually KNOWS Santa, so it’s not who you know.

Nicest Anchorman Tee?


3. He-Man

He Man

This heroic, barbarian superhero is the epitome of good. He-Man dedicates his life to become the awesome super hero that he is, and he fights off Skeletor and other evils from taking over the castle. He was my hero growing up and so for that reason alone he is on the nice list.

Nicest He-Man Tee?


4. Ash Williams

Ash Army of Darkness

“Hail to the king, baby.Ash Williams (played by Bruce Campbell) survives 3 (yes THREE) Horror movies (Evil Dead I, II and Army of Darkness) and the 5 season Tv Series – who even does that? He became a cult hero with THAT ending in Army of Darkness. For all his survival feats against all odds and Deadites he thoroughly deserves to be on Santa’s permanent nice list

Nicest Ash Williams Tee?


5. Kelly Kapowski

Kelly is the “it” girl of the 90’s – she’s smart, sweet, athletic, a good role model and retro 90’s hot (yes that’s a different thing)! She’s the true all-American girl, head cheerleader, captain of the volleyball, swim, and softball teams. She was Santa’s 90’s crush and favorite character from Saved By the Bell and she had to put up with AC and Zack. Thing was, she was just sooooooo NICE, like unbelievably so, even in bad times, so she def deserves her place on the permanent Nice list. In fact, we could even rename it the Kelly list!

Nicest Kelly Kapowski Tee?


6. Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

FLASH AAAAAAAAAHHHH! Flash Gordon has been saving the universe in comic form since 1934, that’s a pretty long time! Flash is so old he went to school with Santa! Then there was the TV Series’, a couple movies (do you remember Sam Jones anyone?) and multiple cartoons – He definitely deserves a break! This dude has been protecting our planet from the evil clutches of Ming the Merciless. Santa and us pathetic earthlings thank you, so your place on the permanent nice list is cemented

Nicest Flash Gordon Tee?

7. Popeye the Sailorman


Another hero from my childhood, Popeye was a different type of good-guy. He was rough, working-class and a brawler – he is what he is (I yam what I yam!) – but we all love an underdog! He fought for his love (Olive), he fought bullies (Bluto) and he always came out on top, no matter what. So for giving hope to underdogs everywhere, he is on the permanent nice list.

Nicest Popeye Tee?

8. Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller

This 80’s classic, spawned a teen working-man’s hero. Ferris Bueller just wants a Day Off of school, the lengths he goes to get one and what he does with it provide us with 2 hours of hilarity, and many new tactics on how to skive off! Simply for what he did to Cameron’s dads Ferrari he is our hero and on the permanent Nice List

Nicest Ferris Bueller Tee?

Did I miss anyone especially nice? LMK

Check out my naughty list. If that’s more your thing


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