ACDC Christmas Hells Bells Men’s T Shirt

Top 10 Rock Christmas T-Shirts You will Love

I want Novelty Christmas tees that don’t suck! The idea is funny but I want awesome t-shirts I can rock out on christmas and then wear all year round. Well, I have highlighted 10 Christmas Rock t-shirts that will be the talk of Xmas dinner and the bar after. These also make genius Christmas gifts for that music-addict in your life, even if that is you! Christmas is About to Rock!

Lets start!


10. Foreigner Agent Provocateur Ugly Xmas Men’s T Shirt

Foreigner Agent Provocateur Ugly Xmas Men’s T Shirt

Some people want some Agent Provocateur for Christmas! We start our Xmas Top 10 with this Foreigner tee which seamlessly combines the Tacky Xmas Sweater styles with their Agent Provocateur album cover. This theme of a knitted Christmas Sweater is gonna crop up a few times so may as well start here.  If you are looking for a provocative answer to Xmas t-shirts then this is it.


9. Kiss Snowy Window Merry Kissmas Men’s T Shirt

Kiss Snowy Window Merry Kissmas Men’s T Shirt

Glam rockers KISS appear in the Top 10 twice. Look, if we are gonna be honest, they are the only rock band that could be squeezed successfully into the word Christmas and they took full advantage! Here we see our favorite painted faces stood stalking scarily outside a snow-covered window. They are watching over us to make sure we have a Merry Kissmas… or else!


More Kiss



8. Cheap Trick I Want You For Christmas Men’s T Shirt

Cheap Trick I Want You For Christmas Men’s T Shirt


A cult favorite festive song, I Want You For Christmas by Cheap Trick was released in 2012 – a parody of their hit I Want you to Want Me. Another fact is that Cheap Trick love Christmas! I know this because they are 1 of only a few rock bands to put out a Christmas Album. It’s a fun song and a funner shirt – it’s got a guitar-playing snowman!

7. Alice Cooper Tacky Xmas Sweater Men’s T Shirt

Alice Cooper Tacky Xmas Sweater Men’s T Shirt


Remember those Ugly Christmas Sweaters we used to get as kids? Well, they just got cool! Alice Cooper = Cool; Boa constrictor snake = cool; Skulls = Cool – put them altogether in a faux-knit fairisle style t-shirt and you get this masterpiece – complete with baubles! Make-up sold separately

Pink Floyd Christmas Prism Men’s T Shirt

It’s that Tacky Xmas Sweater time of year, and if you love the Dark Side of the Moon as much as we do, then you gotta wear this shirt at Christmas dinner. It’s a vintage style print, but you may be fooled into thinking that it’s wool-stitched Xmas sweater because of the awesome print! BUT, unlike an itchy, scratchy wool top – you can wear straight from family dinner to the bar after! This cool tee has the trademark Pink Floyd DSOTM Logo and Prism in a woven stitch-style print with a snowflake pattern to add to that wintry, Christmas feel. A winner for all of you who aren’t just Another Brick in the Wall!

Def Leppard Christmas Pyromania Men’s T Shirt

Rock! Rock! Til You Drop in this Christmas Pyromania T-Shirt! No Foolin’, you won’t get Stagefright when you wear it for your Xmas Photograph! And if you got all the track references so far then you really deserve this tee! This shirt is all Action not Words as it seamlessly combines the Tacky Xmas Sweater feels with British heavy metal stylings of Pyromania. The print has a woven stitch-style print of the Def Leppard logo and the target from the Pyromania album cover with a snowflake pattern to give it that Christmas vibe.

Weezer Most Weezerful Time of the Year Men’s T Shirt

Bringing it more current, Weezer MUST be included in any Christmas rock list because they have release not 1 but 2 Xmas EP’s – Christmas with Weezer anyone? Weezer pioneered rock covers of Christmas Carols… and they’re pretty good too! This is a funky festive t-shirt with a starlit evergreen Christmas wreath surrounding the band and snow falling all around, it truly is the Most Weezerful Time of the Year!

ACDC Christmas Hells Bells Men’s T Shirt

You got me ringing Christmas Hell’s Bells! This shirt swaps satan for santa merging the Tacky Xmas Sweater styles with the devilish AC/DC Hell’s Bell’s… but this is definitely a Christmas Tee. Why? Bells =  Christmassy; Holly = Christmassy; Snowflakes = Wintry – Need we say more? Oh yea, it’s in the style of a knitted Christmas Sweater! The print has a woven stitch-style print of the Hells Bells album cover with a snowflake and guitar pattern to give it the Christmas feels. More Jingle Bells than Hells Bells!

Twisted Sister Christmas Lights Men’s T Shirt

The ultimate Heavy Metal Christmas album is Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister, a full 11 Christmas Carols given the glam rock treatment by Dee Snider & crew! Epic renditions of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” belted out over heavy guitar makes the eggnog go down sweeter. This t-shirt shows the Twisted Christmas album cover with twinkly Christmas wreath behind the trademark Twisted Sister bone logo. We Wish You a Twisted Christmas!

Kiss Merry Kissmas Men’s T Shirt

The original glam rock showmen wanna rock and roll all night and Christmas party every day! Bring on the family Christmas dinner wearing this conversation starter! What’s not to love about this ultimate festive Christmas Rock T-Shirt. Combining the festive red and green with legendary painted faces of KISS with a touch of snow for good effect. After a long hard night of delivering gifts and munching cookies, Santa rocks out in this T-Shirt (probably)

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