Fashionable Big & Tall Tees - For Larger-than-Life Guys

Big Guys are Big Canvases - Be Proud

I get it, sometimes stores just forget the BIG guy because they don't want them in the shop! I have to say it, the BIG guy is the best customer you can have, if I can dress the big & tall in fashionable graphic tees in durable styles that last, then I have a big advocate telling everyone how cool TheSocietees is.


To celebrate the summer I am giving a lucky winner the chance to win $100 of vintage-style Big & Tall Tees here



Pyromania was an excellent album in its own right. The album artwork is amazing but also a landmark shift in the music industry. One of Def Leppard's managers is quoted saying "Def Leppard are different to your average heavy rock band – the sleeve needs to reflect that. We’ve all had enough of tattoos, terrible pictures of half-naked women riding motorbikes and fire-breathing monsters – it’s all too cliched now. We need something different – more modern. ... ‘We need to go back to basics. We need to redefine the image of heavy rock." The resulting artwork is so different from the rest that it actually increased sales. The artwork of a burning skyscraper with a target is controversial even today, so give it the large canvas it deserves with a big and tall t-shirt that runs up to 6XL and 4XLT with a front and back print. 


Take my breath away and hit the highway to the danger zone. If you, like me, are a little older and prefer the classics then this Top Gun Academy 86 tee oughta resonate. Back in 86, times were simpler, things seemed more fun, we argued with our friends over who was Mav and who was Goose, we all sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" to our crush AND Tom Cruise was, well, Tom Cruise. As a big guy, this Top Gun tee is available in 6XL, so you can give people knowing glances like... How did this guy fit in a jet?

This shirt is a best-seller all year round, you know why? It's cool and it's deserved! Yes, we should have a mother's day - but let's here it for the awesome Dad's out there, we deserve it too! Being the Greatest Father in the Universe is no easy task let me tell you. You have to be able to multitask, know every school subject, be computer/tablet/smart-phone literate on both mac/pc/android, basic cooking and cleaning ALL of this while being totally wrong all the time! A BIG Dad deserves BIG respect, and even bigger respect in this t-shirt.

This shirt is massive on many levels. For REAL boxing fans, we know that in February 1964 a 22-year Cassius Clay beat the heavyweight favorite Sonny Liston, after which he changed his name to Muhammad Ali and the rest, as they say, was history. Muhammad Ali is easily the most iconic boxers of all time, and this t-shirt is my personal favorite too, AND it goes up to 6XL and 4XLT. The biggest of legends deserves the biggest of billboards, wear it with pride. 

I don't know why this shirt gives me the chills, but it's kinda epic. Buffalo Bill was a larger than life character and he deserves a larger than life platform to flex his creepy energy. Imagine bumping into a guy wearing a 4XLT Buffalo Bill t-shirt carrying a basket full of lotion...


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