Father of the Universe

16 T-Shirts for Father’s Day that He Actually Wants

T-Shirts He Would Be Proud to Wear for Father’s Day

Sam S – June 5 2023

What to buy Dad for Father’s Day? He already has everything he wants right, so it’s the thought that really counts for Father’s Day! Look, if you get it right with an awesome T-Shirt, that gets his sense of humor, his interests AND that he would wear in front of his friends – then you can be proud!  What would he actually wear in public? Almost all these tees are available in Big & Tall sizes, you know, just in case

I compiled a list of 16 t-shirts for Father’s Day that should cover all bases! Check out the Dad SocieTee for more inspo

1. The DADventurer

Highway to the Danger Zone! Does your Dad think he’s Maverick in Top Gun, does he put the pedal to the metal, does he live life on the edge – he will do anything for a dare! He still loves daring his frat bros and doesn’t quite see the danger (read stupidity) in some stunts he does. He joins the kids on the water park slides and competes a bit too hard in the family touch football game. If he is STILL the daredevil in the family and wants his kids to be braver then this graphic t-shirt is for you. Especially appropriate if the “Dad Zone” at home a man cave (garage or shed) that has action games and darts! If he thinks he’s the age-defying, All-action man – get him this t-shirt for Father’s Day! Read on

Shop Top Gun

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2. Mob Boss Dad

Does your Dad run the family like a well-organized gang? Perhaps he made you clean your room by making you an offer you can’t refuse? Everyone in your family has their own role and responsibilities – so when you go grocery shopping everyone scatters in all directions and returns with different items from the grocery list – the same happens when cleaning the house. If he is the master of his own little mob (or at least thinks he is) – this one is for him!  *In Marlon Brando Godfather voice* “You cannot say ‘no’ to the people you love” Continue reading

Shop Godfather

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3. The Strongman Dad aka Jock Dad

Is Your Dad the only ripped, muscular guy at the PTA meetings? Does his muscles make your Phys-Ed teacher look like he has a Dad-bod? Did he wake you up early to work out with him? Maybe he talks about the old glory days and keeps his high school trophies in a display cabinet. Does he arrange sports activities for the family and still hates to lose! If he made you eat all your spinach (and Protein shakes) to grow big and STRONG like him – then he can pop his guns in these t-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading…

Shop Popeye

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4. Master of HIS Universe Dad aka Papa Bear

Does your dad fiercely protect his family and everything in his domain? Can you count on him to have your back… even if you are completely wrong? Was he banned from watching you at sports, because he yelled too much? Does he dominate the household… especially Power over the TV Remote? Then this shirt is for this Master! Continue reading…

Shop He-Man

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5. Sugar Daddy

Come on, admit it, your Dad pays for Everything! That’s totally ok! Is your Dad the most generous man you know? Does he treat everyone, pays for dinner, brings random gifts, always gave a healthy allowance, has a savings bond in your name – does he always say yes when you need money? Then he more than deserves these t-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Shop Candy

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6. Dad Joker

Even the name works on many levels, the Dad Joker is master of Dad Jokes, bad puns and slapstick humor. So, is your Dad Funnier than Jim Carrey or Does he just think he’s the funniest guy alive? Is he ‘Ace’ at ‘Ventura-ing’ to make really bad puns? Does he laugh at immature words or farts (mature or immature). Then this shirt will fit him to a Tee! (Gettit!). In all ‘seriousness’ this dad would really appreciate funny t-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Shop Ace Ventura

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7. Hold-My-Beer Dad aka Drunk Dad

Does your dad NEED a beer when he gets home from work? Is there always alcohol at home, somewhere, and not just the fridge in the kitchen? Is your Dad weirdly proud of his Dad-Bod? Does he have a “local” watering hole? Finally, did he want to be the one to give you your first taste of beer? Look, I’m not saying he’s an alcoholic, he just likes a beer now and then, when he’s fishing, watching TV, at the ballgame, etc, etc. Then he should try to squeeze into this tee (available in bigger sizes just in case). Continue reading

Shop Drunk Soc

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8. Old School Rocker Dad

Maybe your Dad was actually cool back in the day! Is dad a bit hard-of-hearing? It could be the loud rock concerts he attended every weekend. Do you remember dad having long, unstyled hair when you were younger and dropping you to school on the back of his motorcycle? Does he LOVE his rock music obsessively and talk about the “good ol days” when music was better? Then he was Born to Rock these T-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Shop AC/DC

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9. Hoarder Dad aka We-Will-Need-This-Someday Dad

Does your dad never throw anything out, just in case? Perhaps his car looks like he’s been dumpster diving? Maybe your Dad takes things from the street or trash because it could be “useful”? Does he have a shed/attic/garage/storage unit full of useless crap that he hasn’t touched in years? Basically, is your Dad a Hoarder? Then he will surely find use for these T-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Shop Redd Foxx

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10. Mack Daddy sometimes known as Creepy Dad

Be honest, Is your Dad kinda sleazy? Perhaps he blatantly hit on your female friends? Maybe he love the ladies maybe a bit too much? Does he talk uncomfortably about his previous sexual exploits? This t-shirt is strictly for “former playas”! Continue reading

Shop Sir Mix-a-Lot

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11. Big Daddy sometimes known as Fat dad

Is he a Big Teddy Bear at heart? Maybe he is a BFG – Big Friendly Giant – he looks big and mean and intimidating BUT in reality is he totally harmless! Is he so big that people wonder if he was a wrestler or a whale? But are his hugs the best! He probably should try to lose some weight, but he loves his food. Really loves his food. Then he should try to squeeze into these Tees – also available in Big & Tall sizing, obviously. Continue reading

Shop Andre the Giant

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12. The Dadmiral aka Army Dad

The principled and disciplinarian father who (intentionally) taught you how to be a man – the hard way, it’s tough love. He learned all this in the Armed Forces, it’s also why he’s fiercely patriotic. He ruled his family like the officer of his platoon, from sun-up you made your bed every single morning (weekends included) and presented for inspection. You may have hated it at the time but it’s priceless now. Your Dad gave you a Code that you live by – an honorable, disciplined and impactful code. He made you eat your greens. He made you say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, or else! BUT Did he teach you to be the person you are today? Then this shirt should fit his credo. Continue reading

Shop John Wayne

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13. Nerd Dad

My Dad is a huge science nerd so this one is personal! Everyone knows this dad, he was the one that took wayyyyy too much interest in their kids science project, in fact it was HIS science project! Did your childhood vacations involve a museum pass? Did your dad do your homework for you? Does he go to the cinema to watch a documentary?! (Seriously?) If they were the greatest dad in the whole doggone galaxy, then they deserve THESE t-shirts for Father’s Day for all the homework assignments they aced for you. Continue reading


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14. Bushman Dad

This one relates to my Dad again. Did your Dad have a beard? As a kid I thought all dad’s had beards. Now I think some of them just gave up on personal grooming! Since he became a father, my brother has grown a beard! What’s with that? If you want him to highlight the stray beard hair’s, then this Dr Light tee from Mega Man should work, unless of course his beard is also white! Continue reading

Shop Mega Man

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15. Mr. Know-It-All

I’m almost certain that this relates to every father ever! You always went to your dad for advice and answers because… well he’s older and wiser? As you got older you realized that maybe he didn’t have all the answers BUT you’d never tell him that because he needs to feel important! If your dad ever stated “do as I say and not as I do” or “My house my rules” – then he will LOVE these classic t-shirts for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Shop Popeye

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16. Grill Master 2000

Does your Dad think he is a grill expert? He prides himself on getting a “good fire” going, it brings out his caveman side. He insists his steak be so rare you can “still hear it mooing”. Does your dad have an apron with his name on it… and gloves… and a grill utensil set. Your dad INSISTS on a perfect temperature for meat. Also your dad, promptly burns everything because he was busy talking about his new smart grill thermometer. He may be meaty enough for THIS MTV Tee. Continue reading

Shop MTV

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Honorable mentions to movie dad, father hipster, redneck dad, father time, hoodrat dad, and gearhead dad

We know that all dads are different, but most are a combo of the above! So get him an awesome t-shirt for Father’s Day that suits his unique personality or get yourself one to show people what kind of dad you are

Thanks Dad




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