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Dad Types #12 The Dadmiral

Father’s Day T-Shirts for the Dadmiral

Sam S – June 8 2023

What to buy Dad for Father’s Day? He already has everything he wants right, so it’s the thought that really counts for Father’s Day! Look, if you get it right with an awesome T-Shirt, that gets his sense of humor, his interests AND that he would wear in front of his friends – then you can be proud!  What would he actually wear in public?


Could you or your father be a Dadmiral?

The principled and disciplinarian father who (intentionally) taught you how to be a man – the hard way, it’s tough love. He learned all this in the Armed Forces, it’s also why he’s fiercely patriotic. Army Dad ruled his family like the officer of his platoon, from sun-up you made your bed every single morning (weekends included) and presented for inspection. You may have hated it at the time but it’s priceless now.

Your Dad gave you a Code that you live by – an honorable, disciplined and impactful code. He made you eat your greens. He made you say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, or else! BUT he taught you to be the person you are today. He is the Dadmiral of his own platoon (family), and he is a proud father and American – he commands respect. 


    1. Got the family up at 6am EVERY day – because “early bird catches the worm
    2. Made you make your bed every single morning… and then present for inspection
    3. Federal holidays are important for a reason, especially Memorial Day and Independence Day
    4. He controls every aspect of regimented daily life to every minute detail – even down to scheduled pee stops on road trips.
    5. Family vacations had a hour by hour agenda – with an hour of daily fitness
    6. Respect and Honor for one’s elders is paramount – he made you call everyone Sir and Ma’am
    7. He made you Salute the flag and stand for the star-spangled banner
    8. He is prepared for every eventuality and packs accordingly
    9. As a kid you did a list of chores every weekend or ELSE
    10. You had to do homework every night… even if you didn’t have any …or ELSE

Words to live by:

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”


His hobbies include: 

    1. Hiking all the National Parks
    2. Rebuilding old cars from scratch
    3. Going to history or military museums


His ideal gift would be: 

  • Yearly pass to the US National Parks and monuments

The ideal T-shirt gifts for him: 




    4. And for Xmas?

I compiled a list of 16 t-shirts for Father’s Day that should cover all bases! Check out the Dad SocieTee for more inspo

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