March Madness Rock Legends 2023

March Madness: Rock Legends 2023 - Grand Finale

I am launching my annual March Madness bracket for the greatest Rock Bands Ever - according to you. It will be a bracket play-off (ya know, like March Madness) so you gotta vote your favorite band through each round. The best fan in each match-up wins a free t-shirt

Some quick rules

  • Only including bands that I have in store, that's my rule, no arguments
  • Original ranking numbers are based on all-time global record sales
  • Voting is purely opinion based, who do you prefer. Which band is the best/coolest/most awesome/GOAT is up to you and other fans
  • Each match-up will have a winner, in case of a tie, I decide - no arguments
  • In order to win the free t-shirt you gotta invite others to vote too
  • The free t-shirt for each match-up will be of the winning band
March Madness Rock Legends 2023 Grand Finale 4 Round

March Madness: Rock Legends 2023 - Grand Finale Round

Kiss v Def Leppard

THE ULTIMATE FINAL! USA v UK. New York v Old Sheffield! Battle of the Bands reaches its conclusion for 2023... These are the final 2, there can only be 1 winner.

In my opinion, this is the dream final, neither band were clear favorites. Both are multi-platinum selling hair metal bands. That's where the similarities end.  To me KISS are most known for their onstage presence - the make-up, the glam, the costumes, the showmanship. YES, Kiss have the hits to back it up, but they are known for their concerts. In fact, even casual rock fans can name at least 3 members of each! On the other hand, Def Leppard outsell Kiss internationally. They are known for their Classic rock hits - anthems, ballads, headbangers, they did it all and did it well. Def Leppard concerts sell out for their classic tracklist. Where do you place these all-time legendary rock bands?

Those are the facts, BUT this bracket is based on feeling! So, Who do you prefer?

VOTE NOW to decide who is the GREATEST BAND. Remember, in the final, the fan with the most points WINS 3 (yes three) ROCK T-SHIRTS of one of these rock legends

March Madness Rock Legends 2023 GRand Final KISS v DEF LEPPARD

Final Match-up 15 - KISS v Def Leppard - WE HAVE A WINNER

March Madness Rock Legends FINAL RESULT
Grand Finale - Kiss v Def Leppard

March Madness Rock Legends 2023: Grand Finale

March Madness Rock Legends 2023 GRand Final KISS v DEF LEPPARD
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Grand Final Round Voting Closed May 22nd 9am EDT