March Madness Rock Legends 2023

March Madness: Rock Legends 2023 - Quarterfinals

I am launching my annual March Madness bracket for the greatest Rock Bands Ever - according to you. It will be a bracket play-off (ya know, like March Madness) so you gotta vote your favorite band through each round. The best fan in each match-up wins a free t-shirt

Some quick rules

  • Only including bands that I have in store, that's my rule, no arguments
  • Original ranking numbers are based on all-time global record sales
  • Voting is purely opinion based, who do you prefer. Which band is the best/coolest/most awesome/GOAT is up to you and other fans
  • Each match-up will have a winner, in case of a tie, I decide - no arguments
  • In order to win the free t-shirt you gotta invite others to vote too
  • The free t-shirt for each match-up will be of the winning band