March Madness Rock Legends 2023 Semi Final 4 Round

March Madness: Rock Legends 2023 - Semi Finals - Match-up 14

Kiss v Motley Crue

Battle of the Showmen! In my opinion, these are 2 uber-famous rock bands where people will know the members for their off-stage antics as much as onstage presence. In fact, even casual rock fans can name at least 3 members of each!  have world-renowned theatrics, make-up, instruments with a back catalogue of hits to boot. Gene Simmons and co are in full costume and make-up for every gig and command their KISS Army while waving their Love Guns! Nikki Sixx & his Motley Crue of Hollywood bad boys seem to compete to see who is most famous! They are notorious for their shows and their behavior, but still churn-out hit after hit too!

Those are the facts, BUT this bracket is based on feeling! So, Who do you prefer?

VOTE NOW to decide who moves on to the next round. Remember, the fan with the most points WINS A T-SHIRT of one of these rock legends

WINNER KISS - Kiss advances to Grand Finale

March Madness Results KISS v Motley Crue
Semi Finals - Kiss v Motley Crue

March Madness Rock Legends 2023: Final 4 Round

March Madness Rock Legends 2023 Semi Final KISS v Motley Crue
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