March Madness Rock Legends 2023 Round of Sweet 16

March Madness: Rock Legends 2023 - Sweet Sixteen - Match-up 1

AC/DC v Styx

Kicking off March Madness with a real battle of the heavyweights. In the red corner we have Aussie legends Acca Dacca aka AC/DC boast record sales in excess of 200 million globally and mega-hits such as Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap and Thunderstruck. In the blue corner, Styx have been around just as long as ACDC and boast 4 consecutive multi-platinum albums between 1977 and 1981, plus hits like Mr Roboto and Babe. Many wonder where Styx would be if they didn't take such a long hiatus in the 80's and 90's.

Those are the facts, BUT this bracket is based on feeling! So, Who do you prefer?

Voting has CLOSED and Winner announced who moves on to the next round. Remember, the fan with the most points WINS A T-SHIRT of one of these rock legends

Sweet 16 Round Match-up 1 - AC/DC v Styx

March Madness Results ACDC v Styx
Sweet 16 - ACDC v Styx

March Madness Rock Legends 2023: Sweet 16 Round

March Madness Rock Legends 2023 Round of Sweet 16 ACDC v Styx
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Sweet 16 Round Voting Closed April 10th 9am EDT