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Best 80’s Movie Trilogy?

Escaping Back to the Future

Did you read my BTTF blog last week? You don’t have to, but I do like honest opinions. If you did, you would know that Back to the future was one of my favorites as a kid. I still regularly binge the trilogy on a rainy weekend. Is BTTF the best 80’s movie trilogy?

If you are unsure of the others you need to watch the following: Godfather, Bill & Ted, Jaws, Rambo, Rocky and, of course, Terminator before deciding. They do say sequels are never as good as the original, but what do THEY know. Watch them and decide for yourself. Why I think that BTTF is the best 80’s movie trilogy is because each movie is a completely different storyline set in a different time, the only consistency is the cast and the car! Also, for very sad reasons, they cannot add any modern sequels (like Terminator, B&T, Rambo) so the classics will remain and I kinda like that. They stand the test of time.

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