Godfather Women's Tops

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Godfather Chrome Don Corleone Tank Top

Godfather Chrome Don Corleone Women’s Tank Top

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Godfather Don Vito Corleone T-Shirt

Godfather Don Vito Corleone Women’s T Shirt

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The Godfather Women’s Tops

Does The Godfather appeal to women at all? Well, I’ve got Godfather women’s tops, so that should tell you something. The Godfather trilogy tells a captivating story with strong and complex female characters, it appeals to more women than you may think. It may appear to be a stereotypically male, macho action flick but these men will do anything in the name of loyalty for the family and the importance of love. The well-developed female characters who are not just sidekicks or mistresses, but have their own important roles and make important decisions.

The Godfather Tops

The Godfather vibe is dark and mysterious and the women’s tops are all black for a reason!

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