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Def Leppard Wild Leopards T-Shirts

Def Leppard is known for using leopard imagery in their band name and style. The leopard, which is a big, powerful cat, represents their power ballads – it also happens to be f***ing cool and fashion-forward. It’s all about attitude. Leopards are fierce and confident animals, and that’s how Def Leppard wants their music to make you feel.


. These epic Def Leppard t-shirts capture the explosive vibe of this era-defining rock band.

Def Leppard Merch Collections

Why are they called Def Leppard? 

Did you know that they are named by Joe Elliot. When he was young he drew an image of a leopard with 1 leg and 1 ear missing and called it Deaf Leopard. He thought the name was cool, but would be cooler if they spelled it wrong – and Def Leppard was born!

It’s about style – leopard print is seen as a bold fashion statement. The band members wear it in their outfits and even use it in their album covers. This adds a rock ‘n’ roll edge to their image.

Lastly, it’s about standing out. Just like a leopard’s spots make it unique, Def Leppard wanted a name and style that would set them apart from other rock bands. They wanted to be memorable, and the leopard imagery helps with that.

So, when you see or hear anything related to leopards and Def Leppard, think of it as a symbol of their confidence, style, and unique place in the world of rock music!

What Def Leppard Tees are Available

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