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We all hate the shocking electrical puns about AC/DC but this High Voltage T-Shirt really is a ray of light in the otherwise dull world of t-shirts – it is sure to spark joy! ACDC are megarock Gods with enough hits to make a pop star jealous. That being said, this ACDC High Voltage Rock & Roll 1975 is truly unique as well as eye-catching and reveals a secret about ACDC that only true fans will know – so read on for more. The vintage-styling of the lightning bolt logo on this tee looks like a stamp of approval from the Rock Gods. It is without a doubt one of our bestseller T-Shirts and deservedly earns it’s spot on The Societees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™. So why is this Tee in such a high demand?


ACDC High Voltage Album – 1975

This Shirt is only for AC/DC Insiders! Why? we hear you ask.

The history of AC/DC’s High Voltage album is an interesting one. Well some of you audiophiles will point out that AC/DC‘s 3rd Studio Album was called High Voltage but was released in 1976, so what gives? True fans will know that AC/DC’s original debut album ONLY released in Australia was called High Voltage back in 1975 but with a different track listing – and this Tee commemorates the original first press of their debut album.

That same year the band released its follow-up album T.N.T. By this point the band’s star was on the rise and were picked up for a worldwide recording deal with Atlantic Records. However instead of re-releasing both 1975 albums, the label decided to cherry pick the best tracks from the two albums and create one new mega album for the international market. This album which carried the same name as the debut album – High Voltage – and it has now become the definitive version of the album.

Random Fact: The song “High Voltage” did not originally appear on the debut album of the same name. The band later wrote the song on tour and it appeared on the follow-up album T.N.T.  However, by the time of the international album, the song was included so that a title track would exist.

ACDC High Voltage Tour 1975

Tours in the 70’s were insane! AC/DC were a motor house in 1975 releasing 2 studio albums and they played 133 gigs in between Feb to Sept 1975, in Australia only – that’s basically a concert every other day! Starting and finishing in the Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne to packed out crowds in smaller venues and spurred on by featuring on Australian TV Show “Countdown”. All of this, including their hard work, led the band to becoming one of the most popular acts in Australia and ultimately to the band signing a worldwide recording contract. Were you at any of the Aussie gigs – let us know about them.

Random Fact: AC/DC spent only 10 days recording their debut 1975 album High Voltage. This Album was produced by Vanda & Young at Albert Studios in Sydney, Australia – George Young was the older brother of Angus and Malcolm, and also plays bass guitar on a number of the album’s songs.

ACDC High Voltage 1975 Red Men’s T-Shirt

This vintage style red heather t-shirt evokes memories of the band’s original High Voltage tour in 1975, prior to all the international success that would soon follow. It features a faded distressed logo with the band’s signature lighting bolt, all in a circular design. The soft red heather, looks and feels vintage, plus our distressed print effect on the distinct ACDC logo brings you back to gigs in the ’70’s . As if you were one of the first in 1975, to know the magic of this band, before their international breakthrough in 1976. So even if you weren’t there in 1975 down under in the one the clubs rocking out to future legends AC/DC, this shirt will make it look like you were. That bold circle around the signature AC/DC electricity bolt just looks like a Rock & Roll emblem – a stamp of approval from the Rock Gods! Wear with Pride!



ACDC High Voltage 1975 Collection



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