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#5 Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ 5th Inductee – Bon Jovi Heart Tattoo Tee

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Is Bon Jovi the Greatest Rock T-Shirt of All Time?

by Brendon Snyder

Bon Jovi cross the divide between Rock and Pop and this is why they divide opinion amongst Rock fans, are they too pop for rock or vice versa? Perhaps the Bon Jovi Heart and Dagger Tattoo art causes the divide to widen, it is one of the most commercially recognisable logos in the movie scene, in fact, there are countless people that actually have this tattoo! Love them or Loathe them, this Tattoo T-Shirt has made it into our Bestseller collection and the latest inductee to TheSocietees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™. So why is this shirt top of the most wanted list?


The Bon Jovi Identity

Bon Jovi is one of those bands that seems to epitomize so much. For some, the band exemplifies the 80’s and the rise of commercial metal. No one did it bigger or better than Bon Jovi in 1986. Their 3rd studio album Slippery When Wet was a massive success with mega hits “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Livin’ On A Prayer”.  For others, the band represents a softer romantic side writing some of the best power ballads including 1989’s Billboard #1 single “I’ll Be There For You” and the 1993 Billboard Top 10 hit “Bed Of Roses”. Still for others the band has a deeper more meaningful side singing about the struggles of everyday working people in songs like 2009’s Work For The Working Man.  Despite all of these different personas, one thing is for sure, Bon Jovi is also a band that knows how to have a good time and celebrate all that life has to offer. Seeing Bon Jovi in concert is always a fun experience where all of these different sides are evoked taking you down each road giving you an insight into this amazing band.

The Bon Jovi Origins

The story of both Bon Jovi the band and the namesake, Jon Bon Jovi is an interesting one. Jon, who was working at a Manhattan recording studio, The Power Station, was allowed to record demos in the off hours when the studio wasn’t in use. This led to the classic song Runaway being recorded in 1982 featuring an All-Star line-up of session musicians like Roy Bittan of the E-Street Band. While record labels were passing on Jon’s demos, a local radio station started playing Runaway and it took off becoming a Billboard Top 40 hit. Jon, needing a band in order to capitalize on the success, called his friends and formed the band Bon Jovi. Needless to say, the rest is history.  Since then, Jon and the band have racked up numerous hits, platinum awards, and sellout tours. Ultimately becoming one of the biggest bands of the 80’s and continuing right to this day.

Little Known Fact: One of the session musicians who played on the 1982 recording of Runaway was none other than bassist Hugh McDonald who would later join the band in 1994 taking over for original bassist Alec John Such.  Amazing that after 12 years and playing on one of the band’s biggest hits, he eventually ends up in the band.

Bon Jovi Heart Tattoo Men’s T-Shirt

This black crew neck shirt with a full vintage color print of one of the band’s most recognizable logos, the pierced heart tattoo. It captures all of the different sides of the band. You have the tough hard rock side with the sword, the softer romantic side with the heart, the understanding of pain and suffering as the heart is impaled. It also shows the power and strength of the band rising up and overcoming all with the wings and blooming flowers. This shirt not only looks great, but it says so much about the band and the fans who choose to wear it.

It no wonder then, that the Bon Jovi Heart Tattoo tee is one of our bestselling t-shirts and worthy of being the 5th inductee on The Societees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™.


Check out the Bon Jovi Tattoo collection. The Pierced Heart Tattoo tee is also available in White and for Women.


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