ZZ Top US Tour 1990 Men’s T-Shirt

#6 Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ 6th Inductee – ZZ Top US Tour 1990

Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame

Is ZZ Top the Greatest Rock T-Shirt of All Time?

by Brendon Snyder

The legend of Big Beards and BIG guitars, that’s what ZZ Top is renowned for. The Very Baddest group out of lil ol’ Texas has been blasting rock anthems for the last 50 years. Their stage presence and back catalogue are more than enough to ensure legendary status. Perhaps their ability to sell out live shows worldwide is why a Tour T-shirt made it into our Bestseller collection and the latest inductee to TheSocietees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™. So why is this shirt top of the most wanted list?


ZZ Top – Legacy

ZZ Top is a Rock band plain and simple. While they have always had one foot firmly rooted in the Blues, they also have an innovative side. Early on the band developed a signature sound mixing Billy Gibbons blues style guitar, with Dusty Hills driving bass lines, and Frank Beard’s perfectly timed drums. As the band grew, they became pioneers in music exploring electronic technology. With the release of their 1983 album Eliminator the band exploded with multi-platinum success and sell-out tours. Over the years their shows have been the stuff of legends featuring fuzzy spinning guitars, moving sidewalks, showgirls, a stage designed in the shape of Texas, and even actual livestock onstage.


ZZ Top – Recycler

For the band’s 10th studio album Recycler, they planned to continue the electronic sounds started with 1983’s Eliminator and continued with 1985’s Afterburner. However, in typical ZZ Top fashion, things developed and they chose to go with a rougher, looser sound. The album became a transitional bridge between the classic sound of the 70’s and their newer sequenced sound of the 80’s. In turn the album began the long road back to their classic 70’s rock sounds on later releases.  The band now having come full circle with their latest album La Futura produced by Rick Rubin in 2012.

Fun Fact: ZZ Top not only had their song Doubleback included in the 1990 movie Back To The Future Part III, they also appeared in the movie performing an “old west” version of the song. Different than the final version that appeared on their 1990 album, but still clearly ZZ Top style.

ZZ Top US Tour 1990 Men’s T-Shirt

This black crew neck shirt with a full color print of the band’s seminal logo right to the chest sets the mood for a classic concert experience. Enhanced by a list of the stops made on the 1990 Recycler Tour on the back. For more than 50 years, ZZ Top has been sharing their brand of blues infused rock with the world. Memorable not only for their signature sound but also for their iconic appearance with full length beards. At one point Gillette even offered the band $1 million to shave for a commercial. Needless to say, those iconic beards remained intact for history to preserve and for our viewing pleasure. The vintage-style distressed print makes it look as though you picked it up on one of the 160 (!) shows in 1990 – a definite conversation starter.

It’s a no brainer then, that the ZZ Top US Tour 1990 tee is one of our bestselling t-shirts and worthy of the being the 6th inductee to The Societees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™.












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