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Alanis Unplugged

“Alanis Unplugged: The Unstoppable Impact of Morissette on Modern Music”Dive in fellas, as we crash into the world of Alanis Morissette, a brutally honest and soulful siren of the 90s. Unconventional and beautifully flawed, Alanis transformed the face of music with lyrics that had a spine. This gal was fearless – penning down deeply personal experiences in “You Oughta Know” or questioning life’s ironies in “Ironic”. And the album “Jagged Little Pill”, that sucker’s a pandora’s box of raw emotion, and every track a killer. Now compare that to all the digitally smoothed tracks of today, and you’ll realize we’ve traded golden tees for some plastic hood.

Alanis Morissette was not just a singer, she was an unstoppable force – a hurricane decked out in baggy jeans and a cool hoodie, washing away the sugar-coated fakeness that was slowly creeping in. She strutted on stage fluently switching between harmonica, guitar, and those blazing vocals; she was edgy, real, and man, that girl could rock a show. “Alanis Unplugged” was more than just a record, it was a raw documentation of her journey, her struggles, something these auto-tuned heartthrobs of today would never understand. She’s a testament to those glorious times of 80s and 90s, where artists valued substance over style, hitting their spiked hair hard against the fake glitz and glamour.

And here I am, stuck in this synthetic era, flipping through my playlist longing to relive those golden days. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate progress, but not when it rips the soul out of things I hold dear – tees, hood, and pure, unadulterated music. To folks of my time who enjoyed real music, I say let’s drink a toast to those beautiful memories, and for the younger lot, do yourself a favor, listen to some Alanis Morissette – it’ll be a revelation. Until then, I’ll keep my tee on, my hood up, and my memories dear, rocking out to tracks that still have the guts to speak the truth with flair.




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