Call Me Godfather

From Mafia to Modesty

From Mafia to Modesty: Unraveling the Enigma of Brand Godfather

Well, now let’s talk about the brand, Godfather, intimidating right from its name, just like the hulking figures in those authentic mobster flicks straight from the 90s. You know the ones with mean streets, tough goodfellas and an uncanny sense of loyalty woven into their narratives. Heck, just the sight of Marlon Brando dimly lit in his study, puffing on his stogie while smoothly intimidating his opponents was enough to give you the chills. That’s what Godfather was, raw and uncontested, just like my vintage tees that have stood the test of time! Fast forward decades, and the brand has put on new garments – of modesty. It’s like watching your favourite action hero from the 90s Johnny Depp, switch from his daring roles to something docile. It’s a little heartbreaking, but let’s dive into the marrow of the matter.

Imagine this transformation framed in terms of those classic 90s video games, the ones where you navigated through tough levels, taking on bigger challenges with each successive stage. You’d start off timid, but with every power-up collected, your avatar became stronger, tougher, and virtually unbeatable. That’s how Godfather built its reputation – by taking on the big guns, enduring the hits and coming out stronger on the other side. But then came the shift, the unexpected plot twist. The brand decided to shed its hardy shell, maintaining its core values while projecting a more humane approach. It’s analogous to changing the distressed, rugged and loose jeans of the 90s to the tailored and well fitted urban chic of the present day – a change hard to stomach for someone like me, who prefers hoodies draped comfortably around my shoulders, reminiscing about the good old days.

I’ll tell it like it is, the change felt like replacing the iconic tracks of AC/DC with peppy pop tunes of the 21st century. Look, it’s not that I’m against evolution and growth, but modesty for a brand such as Godfather? From where I stand, it’s like forcefully stuffing mannerisms into a rocker’s mouth and asking him to sing lullabies. But the transition does expose a distinct side of the brand – its capacity to adapt, transform, and cater to the evolving audience, without losing its essence. Much like my precious collectibles – hoodies and tees – maintaining their iconic charm amid the fast fashion trends. You see, the culture and time may change, but the value of the classics and perfections of the past will forever reign supreme. From Mafia to Modesty, the Godfather remains, for me, an embodiment of unyielding strength and unmatched character, just like the 80s and 90s tunes that never cease to soothe my weary soul.




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