Five Finger Death Punch Skulls Arrows T-Shirt

Punching the Beats

 The Musical Journey of Five Finger Death Punch

Don’t even get me started on the era of tees and hoods that defined a musical journey, like that of the American heavy metal band, Five Finger Death Punch. These guys embody the raw grunge of the 90s and still hold firm to keeping genuine music alive, unlike the factory-produced pop jingles of most bands today. Fully equipped with the right notes, melodies, hooks, and harmonies, these musicians brought forth a new vibration to the industry, leaving no room for the ubiquity of auto-tune, which has taken over the music scene like a plague. Five Finger Death Punch didn’t just play music, they bled it; a trait as vital to them, as the ink bled designs on our classic tees.

FFDP was a blow of fresh air, a jolt of nostalgia that knocked us right back to the golden era. Memories of crazily head-banging with mates while sporting the most candid hoodies, are revived each time their intense guitar riffs hit the eardrums. Remembering those delightfully fierce concerts where mosh pits were as common as breathing, and crowd surfing was a badge of honor. These dudes knew how to set the stage on fire that resonated with the same spirit as our beloved grunge bands did back in the day. They declared a kickass war against the preprocessed, prepackaged music of this generation and boy, did they deliver! The heavy, grungy guitar twangs coupled with the powerful and soulful vocals, brought about a resistance, a revolution against the mainstream.

To wrap it off, I say cheers to all those who recognize the rebellion and defiance in the music and the fashion of the past, tees and hoods included. What Five Finger Death Punch has done is recreated the 90s fervor in their music and performances, sparking memories of a time when bands were legit – creative, original and had legit musical prowess. So, to you guys feasting on the tasteless, mechanized music of this era, take a step back and delve into the pure and visceral sound of FFDP. Revel in the tunes of past, remember the time when standing out was more important than fitting in, when our tees and hoods were louder and prouder than any billboard chart topper. ~ Sam ;))

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