Train Spotting

Riding the Tracks of Success

The Unstoppable Train

Well, Train – now there’s a band that knew how to work the charts with their soulful rhythms. I remember, back when tees were oversized and hoodies were quintessential grunge attire, Train made their mark with those power ballads that just got stuck in the deepest crevices of your mind. Unforgettable lyrics, a lead singer with a potent voice and the irresistibly catchy hooks – Train was a full package. You know, “Drops of Jupiter”, “Hey, Soul Sister”, “Drive By” weren’t just chart-toppers, they provided the background scores to our lives.

Their brand of rock was more than just music, it was a lifestyle – one that the present-day bands just fail to capture. Train had something these EDM-spewing, autotune-loving ‘artists’ of today don’t – heart. These guys made music, not just quiz-beating ear clutter. The blend of rock, pop and folk in their songs, it spoke to us, resonated with us on a level that was just ethereal. Whenever I don a tee and crank up some Train, I’m back at those 90s bonfires – breezy nights, warm lights, and music that meant something.

The train of today’s music scene can learn a thing or two about passion, authenticity, and the art of storytelling from Patrick Monahan and his company. Kevin Cadogan and Jimmy Stafford – they weaved melodies that made our hearts throb, and capsuled the spirit of the 90s in a hoodie. So let these new-age pop divas stay on their overproduced tracks. Me? I’ll continue riding with Train down the tracks of timeless music.

~ Sam ;))


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