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Rocking the Stage

Rocking the Stage: Lenny Kravitz and His Unforgettable Musical Journey

Let’s just hit off with the fact that Lenny Kravitz is not just a man with ridiculously good genes, the dude is the craftman of rock and soul! There’s an unmistakable swag to Kravitz that no one else came close to replicating, darn it, the man was the epitome of the 90s fashion – long hair, leather pants, chunky accessories, shades permanently on, but especially the denim vest over a basic tee. Each element screamed attitude and I’ll tell you, much more than any bedazzled rappers of this generation ever managed to scream. His music was a heady cocktail of rock, retro, soul, funk and pop. Kravitz was a genius at sticking to his roots, consistently letting us taste the distinct flavors of his musical brew.

This dude wasn’t just content with setting the stage on fire with his heartfelt performances. Nah, he had to go take that renowned road of transcending mediums. He took on the real deal of the silver screen and showed the world that pure talent doesn’t stick to one platform. You remember Cinna in the Hunger Games series, right? You see, that’s what I’m talking about, the man knows his art and excels at it, wowing the audience even in a post-apocalyptic setting. Unlike the templated dance moves you see today on concert stages or the CGI-fied nonsensical scenes in movies, Kravitz held us in awe with his raw presence.

It’s funny how, for a generation that obsesses over vintage filters and high-waist jeans for those ultra-cool Instagram posts, they seem to miss the essence of what made the 80s and the 90s so darn memorable! Take Lenny Kravitz as a case study, folks! Between his kickass fashion, which still influences street style and countless celeb looks today (don’t you just feel cozy looking at Lenny’s hood slung over a beanie?), to his genre-defying music that made its mark on pop culture history, he’s a living testament to the energy of the era. Put those earphones on, blast a Kravitz track, and you’ll know what I mean. The funny thing is, even today when I wear my tee or my hood, I draw inspiration from my man, Lenny – quirky, spiritual, unapologetic, and forever rocking!




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