Dead Rising Zombie Film Reel T-Shirt

Surviving the Apocalypse

Thrilling Journeys with Dead Rising

Let’s take a ride to memory lane, shall we? Kick it off with some good old Dead Rising, that came out in 2006, full throttle, from the creators of legendary Resident Evil series. Now, don’t be mistaken here thinking that it was just another zombie game. Nah man, Dead Rising was a bloody brilliant, bone-chilling murder spree with a purpose. Playing Frank West, a photojournalist trapped in a zombie-infested mall, was a heart-pounding experience that was, dare I say it, far superior than any Fortnite or Call of Duty junk that people are raving about nowadays. Back then, we donned our favourite tees, grabbed a six-pack with the lads, and braved ourselves for a night of pure adrenaline shredding zombies down.

Think about it; roaming around the mall with nothing but a trusty camera, building your own arsenal with common everyday items like park benches and lawnmowers, was a thrilling journey like no other. These were perks not thrown on your lap on the go; no, you had to earn them. You had to muster courage and walk into a store full of the undead to reach that Katana or a shotgun. Little things like these painted quite a picture of what surviving an apocalypse might be like, and that was the beauty of Dead Rising. The real deal, the cutting edge rawness, and a brazen display of human survival instincts are what set it apart from anything you would see today. I’d rather be stuck in a mall full of zombies any day, than listen to another auto-tuned mess they call music today.

So hey, gambling on zombies might sound unorthodox, and pondering over how to smash their brains using a paddle saw or a lightsaber made from gems and flashlights might seem a fun overkill. But trust me, it’s the closest we’ll get to feeling alive while witnessing the apocalypse, wrapped comfortably in our hoods, without setting one foot out the door. Next time you pretend to enjoy your redundant Candy Crush Saga, remember, somewhere in an alternate universe, a photojournalist named Frank West is taking on a mall full of zombies armed with a sledgehammer and his wits. And you better believe it, he’s having a hell of a time doing it. So get your tees on, cause it’s high time that we revisit the glory days, my friend.

~ Sam ;))

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