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We all hate the shocking electrical puns about AC/DC but this High Voltage T-Shirt really is a ray of light in the otherwise dull world of t-shirts - it is sure to spark joy! ACDC are megarock Gods with enough hits to make a pop star jealous. That being said, this ACDC High Voltage Rock & Roll 1975 is truly unique as well as eye-catching and reveals a secret about ACDC that only true fans will know - so read on for more. The vintage-styling of the lightning bolt logo on this tee looks like a stamp of approval from the Rock Gods. It is without a doubt one of our bestseller T-Shirts and deservedly earns it's spot on The Societees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™. So why is this Tee in such a high demand?    Read more...

International trailblazers and Hard Rock Heavyweights. One of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time, Def Leppard have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. What is it that made Def Leppard stand out from the rest of the Rock world? Their breakthrough third album ‘Pyromania’ saw the band take a step away from their traditional heavy metal roots and towards a sound focused on catchy melodic hooks. This new sound was a catalyst for ’80’s melodic hard rock and sparked the trend of power ballads on rock albums for years to come! This explosive shirt is so cool and was our #1 Bestseller 2020 it’s the obvious choice for our first inductee to TheSocietees Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™. So why is this shirt so hot?   Read more...


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